Wednesday, August 13, 2014


2014 Cypress TaeKwon-Do Homeschool Class

Back in February, Caleb started Taekwon-do, on the recommendation of a friend of mine.  I had been told all manner of things about the class and the techniques and how it was so great for my friends' children.  But, class is held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:30, all year long.  Y'all, let that sink in.  Oh, and I have to mention the drive.  It's about 30 solid minutes from our house in to the school.
So, to say that I was hesitant is a gross understatement!
I bit the bullet and we went for a free trial class in February, wherein he fell in love.  I was a bit unsure if he would even like it since Caleb is not athletic in any way shape or form.  However, my bright, unimaginably intelligent, but super clumsy boy has excelled! Since February, he has belt tested and is about ready to do so again within the next month!  He also competed in a tournament where he won a medal for patterns.
I can't even express how good this class has been for Caleb.  His balance and focus has increased to a level that I've never seen.  He has made some very good friends who are all just a bit different from society, just like him, which was something that I worried so much about when we moved away from the only friends he's ever known.  I think we have officially found Caleb's sport!

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