Monday, September 22, 2014

Dance Year 2014-2015

It's no secret that Piper did not want to take tap again, but she wanted to continue in dance.  I try to make sure that the kids have at least one activity that is athletic in nature, and for her dance is it!

I had a hard time trying to find a school that offered a single subject ballet class at her age, since most kids are just starting dance and don't really know what they want to concentrate in.  This will be Piper's 5th year of dance and her interests and abilities have been fully explored, so ballet it is.

We started at a school called Christian Dance Center near us in Cypress.  She will have a Christmas program and a recital, but we won't have to worry about anything being too risque or a revealing costume as this school is very much about modesty and honoring God while dancing.  She's so excited and loves it so far!  The bonus is that she has a couple of little friends in her class, too, so it's doubly fun for her!

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