Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Trip to the Children's Museum

Yesterday was Labor Day, so Jes had the day off.  We were looking for something fun to do that was indoors (hello Houston heat!) but wouldn't cost an arm and a leg, so we settled on the Houston Children's Museum. 
Let me start by saying that I grew up going to museums in Dallas and we had a membership to one of the best science museums in the country, so I was slightly underwhelmed by this one.  The hoards of screaming, pushy children didn't help either, but that's neither here nor there!
On to what everyone is here for, the pictures!

Jes and Piper were trying to figure out this maze thing.  It was surprisingly difficult!

Building chemicals out of models!

I think she was playing with a magnet and iron filings here.  So fun!

This museum was divided into chunks and this section was a cultural section honoring South American peoples.  The kids had a great time here.

And of course had to hop on the closest thing to a motorcycle that they could find.

This picture cracks me up, because about the time I snapped this, he was asking me why that phone couldn't text.  It had never occurred to me that he had never used a pay phone and I really think he's never seen one either.  He got a little education on this one!

A little periscope viewing...

In the basement, the museum had a miniature city built with all the businesses and services you would find in a major city.  Of course, P wanted to hang in the ambulance and hospital

and the vet clinic.  When she saw the sign for this, she was thrilled and I had to basically drag her out!

She decided that she needed to fix this poor little kitty.  Not sure what the scissors were doing, but she was hard at work!

My future veterinarian!

There was also a little grocery store where the kids could shop for ingredients, check out and purchase them with museum money.  Both kids had a blast doing this, so we spent some time just hanging out there, not unlike our normal lives!

All in all, it was a great time.  The next time we go, however, it will be during the week when all the other kids are still in school!

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Hoppe Family said...

Yes! Going to museums during the week is one of the great things about homeschooling!