Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just the Two of Us

This past Saturday, Jes left for a long business trip to South Carolina. That left just Caleb and I to fend for ourselves. Even though we have missed him a lot, life went on and we had quite the busy week without Daddy.
Saturday we threw our close friends, Randy and Rae Koonce, a baby shower. This is their 3rd baby and their 2nd boy, Levi Craig (don't you love that name!!!). I just love baby showers and we had a great time! Caleb came along and so did Randy and Rae's son Cobi and daughter Lexi. We had a great time and they got lots of nice things!

Here's a picture of Lexi and Caleb at the shower. As it goes with pictures of these two, Lexi is very serious and Caleb is a goofball!

At baby showers for parents with more than one kiddo, it is customary to buy a gift for the older kids too. We got this xylophone for Cobi and Caleb took it over. Cobi being the great big brother that he is, let Caleb play with it most of the time he had it!

On Sunday, Caleb and I went to church. I just thought he looked so handsome that I had to put a picture of him in his "church" clothes!

A friend of ours gave Caleb this tool bench and he plays with it non-stop. If you also notice, Caleb is in shorts here. Yes folks, it was 80 degrees most of this week. No more than 2 weeks ago it was snowing!!! It's mind boggling!

Sometime ago, we decided to convert Caleb's crib to a full size bed. As some of you know, we have had great difficulty getting him to sleep in a bed without us. It just came down to him either sleeping in our bed with us until he was 18 or converting his bed into this big bed. We chose the latter. He has been doing beautifully here and sleeps most of the time here just fine! Thank goodness!!!
Jes will be home later on today (Saturday) and we will be so happy to have him! He won't have to go back for a couple of weeks or so, so we'll just enjoy the time he's home now!

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Liz Dixon said...

Way to go Caleb! That's so exciting that he is in a BIG boy bed now. Glad it's working out for ya. Cute pics!