Thursday, February 15, 2007

Caleb, lately...

I feel like such a bad mommy because I haven't updated this page in such a long time, plus all the pictures that you see here are about the only ones I've taken in the past couple of weeks. I have always said that our next child will have some kind of complex because of the many (and I do mean many) photo albums full we have for Caleb! I guess I'm just slowing down a bit! If you're keeping count, Caleb is almost 23 months old. We are getting dangerously close to that 2 year old mark and boy can we see it!

Caleb used to be so easy going and happy go lucky. He would let me do anything to him, but lately he has developed a will of his own. Here is a picture of him in his winter hat. He tries to pull this off in 20 degree weather, but sure has a great time putting it on and walking around the house saying "hat!".

One day Caleb was wandering around the house while I was doing laundry and he found one of his Daddy's work shirts. I came around the corner and he had it on just like this. I still can't figure out how he got it on so well, but he looked awfully cute and proud of himself! He's truely a little Jes!

If you haven't been around Caleb much in the past few months, you wouldn't know that he has an undying obsession with Bob the Builder. If you reference my Halloween postings you will see that he was Bob for the holiday. He has received a few hard hats since then for gifts, but loves this original Bob the Builder hat. We have a great time playing where's Caleb when he has the hat on. He'll pull it off real fast, we'll say "there he is", and he just laughs and laughs!

This one is for our family out west. For those of you who say it doesn't snow in Texas, here's proof. A week or two before this picture, it snowed quite a bit, but it was really windy and a little deep to take Caleb out in it. We were actually going somewhere here and Caleb had the best time running around in the yard saying "now", his pronunciation for snow! It was just beautiful!

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