Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Fun, Festive Christmas

I am so behind in posting these pictures, so there are lots of them. Our Christmas party season kicked off on Thursday when Caleb had his class party at Mother's Day Out.

Here's Caleb and a few of his friends singing Jingle Bells. I actually got a little misty during this song. I guess I realized it was his first little "program". Who knew that Jingle Bells could make a mother cry. I blame the hormones.

He is supposed to be singing Away in a Manger here and he did manage to get most of the song out, but he had spotted me and was trying to inch my way. He stood right in the middle of the room for this song!

Caleb's party included pizza and cookies for lunch. Unfortunately, someone thought it was a good idea to put chocolate candy out on the table as decoration. I guess they thought the 2 year olds wouldn't mess with it. This is Caleb unwrapping his first of five. He was quick and covered in chocolate before I could even get to him.

Eating pizza. Can you tell he was in a chocolate induced haze here?

The kids had made these as gifts for us a couple of weeks before. If you can't see it well, it's a Christmas tree made out of his hands. It is on a plaque that had been glazed and fired, so it will be nice on the wall somewhere.

The cookie part of lunch. This was the closest I could get him to it. He didn't want to eat it, but who would after all the chocolate he had had.

We also had a book exchange at this party too. Caleb got a Dr. Seuss ABC book that he actually already had, but we didn't tell anyone that. He still loved it and it will most likely live in the car so that he can look at it there.

Saturday night we went to my parent's house for the annual Lee family Christmas party. Here's my mom and the kiddos having a birthday party for Jesus. The Christmas story was read, candles lit and song sung. Caleb had a good time with this this year.

Then came the present opening.

Caleb got lots of fun things from his aunts and uncles.

Every year we try to get a group picture of all the kids, so here's this years. From left to right: Matt (he's 18 and heading off to the navy this summer. We're all pretty proud!), Dixie (Matt's sister), Madison, Tristen and Caleb.

My mom and dad got Caleb these Cars pajamas. He looked so cute and I wanted a picture of him so bad. After many tries, this was the best I could get. He had not had a nap and was in a foul mood. We headed home right after this!

Christmas morning we got up and Caleb opened his stocking. This is my favorite part and I could have taken a million pictures, but I did restrain myself and didn't put all of them here. Here he is before digging in.

Here's Caleb roaring like a lion. I think he liked it!

Of all the gifts, this was his favorite. I got this "blackberry" from Big Lots for $2 when I was there looking for something else. I knew he would play with it, but he is still carrying it around today.

After our stockings, we headed to my parent's house again for present opening. After a lunch of steak and chicken off the grill, salad and baked potatoes, we tackled the presents. Of course Caleb had a ton!

As you can see, Caleb loved tearing the paper off all his packages!

On Christmas Eve, Jes, Caleb and I met my dad at the mall and my dad bought this Coach purse for my mom. After she protested about the price for a short time, I think she came around and likes it. She has always wanted one, but would never buy one for herself.

Ok, this one has a little bit of a story. Every year Jes talks about wanting summer sausage to eat and I never remember to get it. This year I actually did and he was super excited and I think surprised!

As you can see we all had a great holiday and hope you did too!

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