Monday, December 03, 2007

This Time of Year

Sorry that there has been an obvious lack of postings here. This pregnancy thing has really thrown me for a loop this time around. I have been so sick lately, not to mention exhausted, forgetful, etc. It seems to hit me in the evening with a vengence. Last time, with Caleb, I wouldn't even take a cough drop when I had a chest cold, but this time around I have been forced to take Zofran just to function in the evenings. I don't have to take it everyday, but just the days when I'm really out of it which has only really been once or twice. For the most part, I just deal with the lingering nausea and try to forget about it. I channel Scarlett O'Hara most days for this!
We are in this busy time of the semester around the Mathis household. Even though I'm the one actually at work, Jes and Caleb have to tolerate a little less of me, or at least a little more preoccupied me, this time in the semester until all finals are over. The good thing is that it will be all over next week. I'm counting the days.
We also managed to get our Christmas tree up last weekend. The last time we had our tree up, Caleb wasn't even 1 yet. With all the traveling we have done and the fear of a toddler pulling it down on top of him, we haven't put it up until this year. Caleb loved helping decorate with me. You can tell the part he did as there are probably 15 ornaments on the same 3 branches. It was cute, so I left it just like that. He also loves it when Jes plugs it in every evening and he will run up to it and say, "green Christmas tree!". Caleb's other favorite thing this time of year are all the snowmen. We have another obsession on our hands, I'm afraid. He's seems to spot snowmen everywhere and never hesitates to point them out.
It seems lately, that Caleb is getting much better in putting together sentences when he speaks too. He will say things very clearly now that he used to muddle together before. Today, when we were getting ready to leave for MOPS, he ran to the door and said very clearly, "I unlock door. Let's go Mama. I go play." It's so much fun to be able to carry on an actual conversation with him now, even if I still have to translate a few words for others!

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