Monday, June 16, 2014

Piper's Dance Recital

Yesterday, Piper had her dance recital with the dance school she's been enrolled in since our move to Houston.  

The ballet number this year was set to the Mary Poppins song "Spoonful of Sugar" and was just precious!  P loves ballet and enjoyed this number immensely!

The tap routine this year was set to the song "Mr. Sandman".  P hasn't always been a huge fan of tap, as it does not come easily for her and she has to work very hard at it.  However, this year she has come very far in her skills and gained so much confidence.

Caleb and Jes were at Piper's recital too to cheer her on!  Next year, we are moving on to a Christian Ballet school here in Houston and Piper is super excited that she'll be able to spend the year focusing on her one true love: ballet!

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