Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Tree Planting

I mentioned earlier about Caleb's scout den working on extra achievements since all the boys ranked up early.  The biggest one that they were working on together was called the World Conservation Award.  Basically, the boys learned all about conserving and recycling and taking care of our planet.  One of the major parts of earning this award was some sort of service project that pertained to Earth and taking care of it, so we decided that doing a tree planting even with the city of Houston would be the best option.

We were at the mercy of the city to tell us when we could complete this, so we had to wait until after our ranking up ceremony to get it done.  But, we worked it out and planted trees around a little pond in northwest Houston.  The following photos document this. 

The boys had a lot of fun and worked so hard, with each group of 2 boys planting 4 trees, with a total, of 12 trees planted.

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