Monday, March 19, 2007

Home on the Range

Lately, Caleb has developed a fascination with walking around in my shoes. Here he is one day shuffling around the house.

And here is his the next day doing the same thing! Funny how those shoes look less like clod hoppers on my feet!

Caleb was being super silly here and was in rare form. He is wearing the glasses from his Mr. Potato Head.

We have always tried to teach Caleb to be kind to animals. This has developed not only a love for other animals, but also for our beloved cat, Gus. Gus now follows Caleb around, rubs against him and can even be found napping with him! They are quite the pair!

My grandmother and I found this shirt and thought no statement could be any more true! Caleb is the spitting image of Jes!

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thecobbsfamily said...

Boys are so silly! Caleb is a cutie;)