Saturday, March 03, 2007

Conflicted Feelings

The things I love about Spring:
- Caleb's birthday
- the warmth returning
- the sun
- the beautiful flowers
- my parent's anniversary
- it's the best time to have a wedding (our original plan but a little thing called graduate school got in the way!)

The things I dislike about Spring:
- pollen
- 90+ degrees
- severe weather
- the constant coughing and runny noses...

Thanks for letting me rant. We have received so many strange looks this week because Caleb is still hacking and coughing like he's a TB patient. Try explaning to Mother's Day Out teachers that he is not contagious as he is blowing snot bubbles and coughing. Not to mention the other moms standing there watching, clutching their child for dear life. I miss winter!


Liz Dixon said...

Poor thing! I'm so sorry Shannon. I so understand and hope the weather stabalizes, maybe that will help some. Thinking of you guys!

Mathis Family said...

Thanks Liz! I know that you get my rants!