Saturday, March 17, 2007

Our Fun, Fabulous Week

So this past week was both mine and Caleb's Spring Break. It was a nice break to sleep in and relax, but it didn't turn out to be the week we had planned.
On Monday, after a couple of days of feeling quite out of sorts and just plain yucky, I finally drug myself to the doctor to find that I had a double ear infection (otitis media) and a throat infection (pharyngitis). Fun, fun. While the throat infection is a fairly common event for me, the ears really through me for a loop, literally! Boy I really wish some doctor had suggested taking out those old tonsils when I was a kid!!!
We knew that Jes was going to have to go back to South Carolina on Tuesday, so I saw him off bright and early at 4am that morning. Of course, I promptly went back to sleep with Caleb and we stayed in so that I could get well and he wouldn't get sick.
Wednesday we went to my home town, Garland (a really far trek...) to spend the day with my grandmother. We lunched, shopped and did the normal stuff for us, just dragging poor Caleb along for the ride. He did get a Dora the Explorer book out of it that he just LOVES!!
Thursday we went to the gym so that could work with my gymnasts. I took Tuesday off to recuperate, but I knew that the girls needed some help from me, so away we went, with the portable DVD player in tow. That seemed to keep Caleb somewhat occupied and out of our way!
Friday we went back to the gym for another few hours with the girls. Caleb was very good this day as well! We then had dinner with my parents Friday night so he could see his Mawmaw and Pawpaw! He loves them and can't wait to see them again soon!
We found out on Thursday that Jes and the other guy he is travelling with would have to leave South Caroline to travel down to Florida. We were really afraid that he would not be back in time to be with Caleb before I had to go back to school on Monday, but it looks as if they will be back sometime either late tomorrow or early Monday. Either way, we will be going to get Caleb's birthday gift that day. We have planned on buying Caleb one of those large wooden pieces of play equipment. We currently walk around a 1/2 mile one way so that he can play on slides and such and want something in our backyard. Since his birthday is only a few days away, we decided to pool all his birthday money and buy him one! As soon as we get it I will post some pictures! We hope all of you had a fun filled Spring Break week, even if you didn't get the week off!

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