Thursday, March 08, 2007


After my last posting, I figured that I should wait until I was in a little more positive frame of mind before I posted anything.
Healthwise, things in the Mathis house have been improving. On Tuesday, when I went to pick up Caleb from Mother's Day Out, it looked as if his pinkeye had come back with a vengence. I hurried him off to our beloved nurse practitioner, Betsy. She suspected that it might just be allergies since he's had it so often and his eyes never get pink. She gave us some Patanol, the ever famous eyedrops for people with "allergy eyes". It seems to be helping a bit. She also gave us Singulair. Some of you don't know my battles with the doctors over this drug, but I have been asking for it since we started this asthma/allergy/aspiration journey of ours. Someone finally decided to let us try it. I think it has already made a difference and it will help in the long run by lessening the length and severity of illnesses. Plus we may be able to stay off steroids for longer lengths of time. That makes my mommy heart happy!

Caleb loves and I do mean LOVES spaghetti! This is him last night after a rather messy spaghetti dinner. He is quite adept at using the spoon and fork, but when it comes to long noodles, we just let him go at it with his hands. He had a great time and got a bath out of the deal, another favorite of his!

I wanted to include a photo that shows how big my little boy is getting. He is 30 pounds, holding steady. He has waffled between 28 and 31 pounds at different times in the last 6 to 8 months, but has had a consistent reading now a few times in a row. He is approximately 33 or 34 inches tall, getting very close to that 3 foot mark. He is in 2T clothes, however his little Buddha belly is leaving us so some of them are a little loose in the waist. He is also very close (19 days) to that 2 year old mark and boy is he showing it! He has been asserting himself a lot lately, but it's fun to watch him try all the new things in life and bring me along for the ride!
Next week is Caleb's and my spring break. Thank goodness! We both need a rest, not like we'll actually be home. We are going to spend the week visiting family in Garland and going to the zoo and such. We're going to have a great time! Hope all of you have a good week too!

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