Monday, April 16, 2007

Better Late Than Never

We spent our weekend putting together a swing set for Caleb. We have been planning to get Caleb this swing set for his birthday for a year. As far as we knew, one could buy it in the stores and we started looking as soon as they put out all the equipment, however it was all gone before we got there. There must be some secret we don't know! Anyway, we ended up ordering it via the Internet where it was back ordered and arrived Friday, right before the storms blew in!
So Jes, really, spent most of the weekend putting this together. I thought he was going to pass out when he opened the two surprisingly small boxes and saw all the many small pieces they contained. I did a lot of holding things in place, matching up holes and carrying nuts, bolts, washers, wratchets, and anything else that I could do and still stay out of the way.

Here's the finished product! Pretty neat, huh? Jes attached the slide way before it was even half way done, so Caleb spent around 4 hours going up the ladders and down the slide.

By the time I got this picture, all Caleb wanted to do was swing because it didn't involve climbing. The poor kid was wiped out, but he loves his birthday present!

I thought this picture was funny. This is Jes climbing back over the fence after he kicked a ball over and went to get it. Our hero! :)

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Amy & Chad said...

Jesse, I could have helped you put that thing together. We make a great team when it comes to working on things. Not to mention, Amy and I helped build one at my parents house for my niece and nephew.