Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bob the Builder, and Thomas Too

A week ago today, Sunday, a friend of mine, Jennifer, and I packed up our boys and went to see Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder in Grapevine. We had a great time and the boys both got to see their favorites! Jennifer's son Dallas, loves Thomas, and everyone knows about Caleb's undisputed love for Bob.

Here's Caleb and I first arriving at the festival! It was outdoors and a little warm, but there was a nice breeze and plenty of shade to hide under!

Part of our trip was to ride Thomas the Train. It ended up being a real, honest to goodness train.

The boys had a great time and us moms got to rest too!

Many of you don't know about my sincere dislike for trains and all things train-related. This picture is proof that I actually rode on the train too! Oh the things that I do for my Caleb!

Caleb was so excited to see Bob the Builder, from far away... I think he was a little scared of Bob up close! :)

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