Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pre-Easter Celebration-Mathis Style!

Easter is such a special time in our home. Not only is it the holiday commemorating Jesus rising from the dead, but it has always been and always will be my favorite holiday and time of the year. To make it even more special, it is the holiday that Caleb was born right before, specifically the night before. For me, it just can't get any more special than that!
Growing up, my mom and dad always made a big deal out of Easter. We never did the whole Easter Bunny thing, but we did have FABULOUS Easter baskets, a tradition I intend on continuing with Caleb and any future children!

Here's Caleb's swag. Not only did he get an Easter basket from us, but also from MawMaw and PawPaw (my parents). Before we left for church, we let Caleb dig in!

Caleb was so excited about all the things he got and instantly started pulling things out and playing with them. He loved everything, especially the Veggie Tales movie from his grandparents. It was hard to pry that one out of his hands. We actually had to carry it around with us all day long!

Caleb got lots of fun toys and some candy too...

Thanks MawMaw and Pawpaw and Happy Easter everyone!

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