Thursday, August 02, 2007


Finally I am getting around to posting pictures from Jes and my trip to Austin. We had the best time and tried to do all kinds of things that we could never do with Caleb. We even worked in a movie, my first at the theater since I was pregnant! My mom got us a fabulous deal at the Radisson downtown, through her employer, and they even upgraded our room to a suite that overlooked the river.
Ok, on to the pictures!

Cheesy, but we have so many of these pictures from our single days and I guess lack of things to take pictures of that we just had to do it on this trip. I think this was within the first hour of the normally 2-3 hour trip. We arrived in Austin over 5 hours later, mainly because of horrendous traffic and the non-ending rain that followed us the whole way.

For our non-Dallas residents, this was a site of a huge gas explosion on the Wednesday before we left. It was right off the side of 35, and I couldn't resist taking a picture. This picture doesn't really do it justice, but the devastation of the business was amazing.

Saturday morning, Jes and I went to the capital. We wandered around for a good while before we decided to move on. After we left here, we walked back to the hotel (most everything is within walking distance from downtown) and got the truck. It was just so humid that we couldn't stand another moment and drove around like the rest of the tourists!

We went onto the UT campus and toured the LBJ library.

We live on Fillmore Drive, so we had to get a picture of President Fillmore. Many people we know don't even remember him being a president, but this proves it, as much as a print from an old painting hanging in a library can!

On the other side of campus was this museum that holds one of the only Gutenberg Bibles. We hotfooted it over here just to see it and we weren't disappointed! Now we can say we've seen one!

Most of you know that I received my Master's degree from a UT branch, so I'm a HUGE UT fan! All you have to do is look in my closet to see that. All my t-shirts are either grey and orange or just orange. While we were on campus we stopped at the co-op (bookstore to you non-Longhorns) and picked up more UT paraphernalia! We tried to get tickets to go up in the Tower (they just reopened it after being closed for years), but they were sold out for a few hours past what we wanted to hang around for, so we vowed we would go back to go up.

Our last morning in Austin, we drove to this restaurant that we saw on the Food Network. It is called Taco Xpress and they didn't disappoint! The breakfast tacos here were so great that we decided that when we do come back for that ride up into the Tower, we would have something other than breakfast here!
All in all, we had a great trip and were both sad and excited to get home to Caleb. He stayed with his Mawmaw and Pawpaw (my parents) all weekend and came home with new tricks that we are still discovering even now.
Next week is my last week of summer school and that means more grading than I will probably be able to do in those 24 hour periods. With that being said, don't expect to hear from us next week as I will be up to my eyeballs in papers, tests, etc, praying for a few more hours in the day. Have a great week!

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