Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our Fun Weekend

This past weekend what quite fun and very busy for Caleb and I. Jes worked the weekend away, so the kiddo and I did our thing, just the two of us. On Saturday, we got up bright and early and drove to Tyler for a wedding of my former college roommate, Amanda.

Caleb was so excited to be out of the car and just had to have his picture taken.

Here's Amanda looking beautiful, as always, in her grandmother's wedding dress. It had not been worn since the '50s and was just perfect on her. Amanda married a wonderful man named Ken who loves her and her little girl, Eden, like none other!

Caleb and I drove back home after the 2pm wedding and crashed!

This evening, Jes, Caleb and I went to a baseball game in Frisco. For our non-native readers, we have a minor league baseball team in Frisco, our neighboring city. We originally bought the tickets to see the Veggie Tales characters and Caleb talked all week and day about seeing Larry. When we got to the field, we were told that Larry went on sometime before 4. It was after 5:30, but don't despair, he was coming back. We waited through an incredibly loud concert and no Larry. We were so worried that Caleb would freak out, but lo and behold we had a closet baseball fan!

Caleb LOVED the baseball game and probably had more fun than anyone in the whole place! He danced, cheered, jumped up and down, yelled at the batters and umpire, waved his arms to catch a t-shirt, and anything else you do at a game. I guess we know where we will be when he can start playing sports!

All in all, it was a busy but fun weekend. I have the next 2 weeks off until fall semester starts, so Caleb and I will be playing and running around doing all the things we couldn't when I was in school!

One thing of note that we would like all of you to remember. Jes went for a job interview on Friday at a company in Farmer's Branch. While he is not particularly looking at leaving his current position, there are some very disturbing things going on in the company and he just might have to go elsewhere. So, the hunt has begun.

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Liz Dixon said...

Hey there! Sounds like lots of fun! If this yucky hot weather alerts go away soon, we should meet over at the pool one day before the kids start school and take the kids swimming together.