Friday, August 17, 2007

The Tongues Have It

We don't know what has gotten into Caleb lately, but he's taken up a strange habit of licking things. Very often throughout the day you will hear me say, "Caleb, please don't/stop licking _______________." The blank could be myself, his daddy, the chair, his highchair, the cat (that's a fun one!), the door, the bar, etc. Anything that he can get his tongue on, you can guarantee that he's either tried to or succeeded in licking it. Hopefully this habit will pass!

I will leave you with the picture of Caleb that we get to see most often, now that he's in this phase!


Liz Dixon said...

Hehe! :P I can see it now. Don't worry though, must be some weird phase some kids go through. Logan did that for a while about a year ago and I could not understand it either. Silly boys!

Anonymous said...

can we say monkey see, monkey do?
Doesn't Jac do the same thing???