Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baby Update for January

I figured that since I sort of use this blog as a scrapbook of sorts for our memories, I would start posting the information I get at the doctor with each visit.
Today was, and still is (it's not over yet), a very busy day. With the arrival of ice to our fair city tomorrow, I so tried to get everything accomplished today that I would put off to tomorrow, my day off.
My first stop, after dropping the boys at school, was my monthly doctor's appointment. After settling some business with the insurance people (they pre-certified me with my insurance company for a normal vaginal delivery. um, no thank you. c-section for me please!), I parked myself in the waiting room to serve my time before my turn came up. Now, it seems like everytime I'm at the doctor I have to wait, which I don't really mind as it gives me some time to read what I want to read instead of something that involves a small dog, truck, perky cucumber, etc. The only problem is, and this is no one's fauly but my own, but I always seem to have something scheduled to be at right after my appointment. As a person who is most of the time early wherever I go, I get a little antsy while waiting and I know this affects my blood pressure. Next month I won't schedule anything, just to see what happens.
Anyway, after the regular potty in the cup, blood pressure, weight taking routine with the nurse, I finally got to see the doctor (I gained 5 pounds by the way, but that's all I've gained. I knew it was going to come back to haunt me now that I can actually eat!). This was just a find the heartbeat and talk appointment so we did the talking first and he answered some of my questions. Then he went to work finding the baby's heartbeat. He looked, and looked, and looked, and after 4 or 5 minutes of looking I was getting a little nervous. He finally found it and it was 145bpm, or that was the best he could do. The little rascal was moving around so much it was like a game of chase the tadpole, or avacado as the baby books say this week!
My doctor also discovered that at my last visit I was supposed to be screened for cystic fibrosis, a test I know I've had before, but since there was no record of it we did it again. Last visit they took 6 vials of blood from me, so really what was one more?
Next month, the 21st, we have the big sonogram. I will be spending the next 4 weeks having long discussions with this child that they are spread eagle, since he/she seems to be a little less cooperative than Caleb was at this age!

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