Wednesday, June 20, 2007

He Knows...

Today was a surprising day all around. It all started last night when Jes took Caleb and I to Saltgrass for dinner. It was a nice dinner, even if I couldn't taste any of my meal. Yes folks, it is now over a week since I have been able to smell/taste. It's slowly coming back, but it's a real drag when we have dinner out. Anyway, at dinner I had iced tea, a rare treat for me as I try to limit caffeine to nothing. The tea kept me up until nearly 12 am, this morning.
At 2:47 Caleb showed up at my side of the bed wanting to get in (yes my post jinxed us) so I pull him in, too tired to deal. Surprise.
He was awake until 5am. Surprise
There was a point in those hours where I was on the edge. I nearly had to leave just to preserve the life of my precious baby. A 4 am play session with the toes, singing the Wheels on the Bus, jumping on the bed on his knees, and Jes snoring through the whole thing nearly sent me into oblivion.
I drug myself out of bed this morning at 8, which doesn't seem too early, but if you take into account the fact that I had only really slept for 5 hours or so (a freak thunderstorm rolled in around 4:30), I was NOT happy. Not really a surprise.
So, today was the day to go to the ENT to get a date for tubes. Evidently, Caleb is too healthy to qualify, so says our insurance company. Since he has had no infection, only 4 months of fluid, no speech delay, etc, insurance in general will not pay. The ENT's office is being very diligent about trying to get this changed, but we left with an appointment for a month and no surgery date. Surprise.
We headed to the mall to get out a little and make an appointment for pictures and I saw a former parent from the private school I taught at when I was pregnant with Caleb. Not the most comfortable situation because, without going into too much detail about the circumstances, I did not leave there on a positive note. I never heard from any of the students I taught so I have never known what, if anything, anyone knew about the ways things went down. We talked and she had her daughter, my former student, come in from the car and things were all around cordial. However, as I was leaving daughter told me that the year I had her was the only year she loved science and that she still knows chemistry. Mom told me that she always appreciated me and that she missed me. It made me feel appreciated and validated for the whole ordeal. Surprise.
It's a good thing that He knows what is going on because today just proved to me again that I'm not in control and that even when I don't get it, He does. Thank goodness someone does.

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Liz Dixon said...

Hope ya'll are doing better! Thinking of you accross the way.