Friday, June 29, 2007

Some Pictures... Finally

So, I had to copy pictures from our home computer onto a CD and load them onto Jes's work computer. Sigh... What a pain.

Caleb being silly at the doctor's office in the chair waiting to see his ENT.

Another at the doctor's office. It's amazing what you will do just to occupy them so they don't destroy a patient room. Incidentally, why don't they make those rooms more childproof/friendly knowing full well that you will be sitting in there for at least half an hour? I guess that's a question for the ages.

I took Caleb to a play date at our church. One of the major benefits of our rather large church are these play dates that are planned about once every few months. This time, it was a petting zoo. We couldn't pass it up! At first Caleb was a little nervous, but he saw his friends and all the fun animals and ran right in. Here's the duck he got to pet.

He loves guinea pigs. He watched these guys run around this water tank for a little bit.

There were goats wandering around and Caleb got to feed one here. They were a little rough and Caleb nearly lost his food, but he hung on to it and won out over that brute of a goat.

This baby goat was wandering around with the other goats and Caleb so wanted him to eat some of his food, but I think this little guy was just too full. He would put his nose in the cup and walk away and Caleb would chase him down and cram his nose into the cup again. I had to pull Caleb away from this little guy!

There were also these cute little baby chicks that Caleb just adored. I held one and he pet it and probably would have run off with one if he could have. I suppose it runs in the family as my mom has a secret love of chickens and even had one as a pet as a child. Caleb's MawMaw would be proud!

One of the best things about this particular petting zoo is that they always bring ponies for the kiddos to ride. These guys were at our Fall Festival this past year and Caleb rode a pony then, but Jes had to hold him the whole time and Caleb just wasn't too sure about it all. This time around, he wanted to ride the pony and stayed on, for the most part, the whole time.

In the process of riding the pony. His Daddy is so proud. I had to hold him here as Caleb hasn't spent enough time atop a pony to adequately deal with the taking off and stopping.

In our church, there is this huge fish tank right smack dab in the middle of the lobby of the children's building. Everyday that Caleb came to Mother's Day Out, he HAD to see the fish. Today he was in luck as the fish tank cleaner man was here and he stood on this stool for a good half hour watching the fish and the fish tank man do their thing. Talk about cheap entertainment!

Later on that day, I took Caleb to our community pool to get a little sun and have fun in the water. Caleb shows much promise in that he seems to know what to do when he ends up on his tummy or back. He will be taking swim lessons with myself assisting in August, but I wanted him to be ok with the water before we started. Notice his Elmo swim trunks. He loves these and looked so grown up in them.

Caleb as Bob the Builder in the car. When he has the hat on, he will only respond to Bob. The obsession, while waning a bit, continues!

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