Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby Update

First of all, we have decided on a name. We have decided that our daughter will be named Piper. Jes was very much the one that decided that and there was some debate between Alyson and Piper, but he decided just in the past few weeks on Piper. We still have not come up with a middle name, but I just wanted to share that development now.
Today I had my 24 week appointment with my doctor. This month it was time for the dreaded glucose tolerance test. I did not deal well with this test last go around and was dreading it this time around. Sure enough, I got all shaky and nauseous again, so hopefully that means that there will be no issues this time. Dr. Robins was able to find Piper's heartbeat as well and it measured 150 today. He also feels like she is in the breach position partially because of where he found the heartbeat and also because I told him that I feel lots of movement very, very low in my pelvis. It almost feels like she is trying to stand up on my pelvic bones. Not the most comfortable position for me, and rather dangerous if I have to go to the bathroom in the least bit.
The big news of the day is that we set a date for my c-section. We were shooting for the 3rd of July, but Dr. Robins felt that was too long to wait, so we set the date for the 30th of June. Neither one of us feels like I'll make it that long, but we had to set a date to reserve a spot, nonetheless.
All in all, everything looks good and my next appointment will be in a month.


melissa. said...

i love piper! is there a story behind the name or did Jes just like it?

Mathis Family said...

We really both liked it and one of the best nurses we knew when Caleb and I were in the hospital was named Piper. Jes still talks about her from time to time to this day. She was very helpful and really the only one who would tell Jes where Caleb was and personally took him to the NICU to see him.