Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Doctor Appointment

I wasn't going to post anything about Caleb's visit to Betsy (his nurse practitioner) today, but it was such a good visit that I thought I would go ahead and get it down.

First the stats:
Weight: 37 pounds 2 ounces
Height: 39.5 inches (by the way, he grew 4 inches in the past 12 months)
BMI: 16.73 (who knew they started measuring this so young)
Blood Pressure: 99/69 (very good)

Caleb also had his eyes checked and he passed his vision screening.
The best news of all was that he passed his hearing screening. He has had these tympanograms in the past and has never passed a single one. Last year we went round and round with the PA at the ENT's office that we visited about tubes. He had never had an infection, but had transient fluid in his ears, but the PA was convinced that we should put in tubes. I knew that it was not the right decision and told them absolutely not. The PA disagreed, contacted our insurance company to try to convince them to convince me and even called our house a few times trying to get us to consent to the surgery. I think the behavior bordered on harrassment and needless to say, we have not returned to that practice since. Today made me feel very validated as the maker of the medical decisions for our son. I had no doubt my decision against the surgery was right (all of Caleb's other doctors agreed with me too, by the way), but you just couldn't convince this silly PA.
Anyway, we left the doctor with a few names of doctors that we need to see. First, we have to make our first trip to the dentist. Caleb actually just got his last molars just a few months ago (we're very slow at getting teeth on my side of the family), so we have waited until now. We also have to go see a pediatric dermatologist about a place on Caleb's leg. It has just started to bother him and he is a little self-concious about it and even says it itches/hurts sometimes. Betsy seems to think it might be a cyst of some sort. I see some sort of procedure in our future for that one. The last doctor we have to see is a pediatric opthamologist. Caleb has always had issues with what looks like pink eye, but no one has ever really decided that that is what it is. He has it for weeks on end during the fall and spring and we thought it might be linked to his allergies, but we wanted a specialist to check it out and make sure it's nothing else more serious.
All in all, Caleb was given a clean bill of health and we'll go back for his 4 year next March. Despite his difficult first couple of years, Caleb has turned out to be a very bright and healthy boy. Betsy's words, not just mine!

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