Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby

Dear Caleb,
Today you turn 3. It is a shock to my system to see that and to know that you are growing up so fast, much too fast for your daddy and mama.
Three years ago you made your surprise and urgent entrance into this world. You were in such a hurry to exit my body but have thankfully never been in much of a hurry to exit our arms. You are the most loving little boy I have ever been around. Your favorite things are still being held by either myself, your daddy, your mommaw or your pawpaw. On a regular basis you ask one of us if we are ok when we are maybe not so ok. You are so intuitive and just know when something is just not right.
Some of your favorite activities are going to WalMart, going to Home Depot (you are a child after your grandfather's own heart), watching a handful of shows on TV, playing with balls and Jaq, talking to daddy on the phone and watching/trying to run the computer. You have always been fascinated with all things electronic, but this year your obsession with computers has really emerged. It has caused me to ask, on more than one occasion, if there are computer classes offered for kids your age.
You are also a very smart child. You have always been bright, but this year you have proved to us that you remember things beyond what even your dad and I do. Randomly, you will ask a question about something we have done or told you we will do days or weeks in advance and sometimes you get a little exasperated at us because we just can't remember what you are talking about. I remind you that someday you will be old like your parents. Regardless, every morning you wake up and tell me what we are doing that day. You surprise me everyday by remembering correctly what the events for that day are.
Your daddy and I know that you will also be a great big brother. You already talk about Piper and hug my belly everyday. Everytime you see a baby in a store or at someone elses house you point them out and hug and kiss them, if you can get close enough.
You are the spitting image of your daddy. In fact, I often call you his clone. When you sit together and watch motorcycle races you both assume the same position and look exactly the same. However, you are still, and hopefully will always be, a mama's boy. You still love to hang out with your old mama and we have so much fun together everyday!
Caleb, you are and will always be your daddy's and my heart. You have made us a team and have brought us closer than we ever knew we could be. You are always our baby and we love you so very much! Happy birthday baby!
Mama and Daddy

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