Monday, March 10, 2008

What Am I Going To Do With These Boys Of Mine?

It is really no secret that my husband, and boys in general, tend to think tormenting other people is quite funny. This is pretty apparent to me in all those movies and tv shows they watch. Three Stooges anyone?
Anyway, for as long as we have been together, around 8 years, Jes has always thought it was the funniest thing ever to roll down the car window when driving by a golf course or driving range and yell, "Fore" at the top of his lungs to distract the players. (That's some run-on, huh?)
In the process, Jes has taught Caleb this "fun" activity anytime we drive by one of these golf courses. By the way, we live right by one. Caleb doesn't do this unless he's with his dad and sees a golfer.

Until today.

We were in the drive thru at Walgreens and I rolled down the window to talk to the lady inside. I was already half way through my request with the nice Walgreens lady when I heard, "FFFFOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRE" come from the backseat.
All I could do was sigh, shake my head, and call his dad. Jes laughed for a good 5 minutes straight.

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