Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Fun Weekend Part 1

This past weekend was quite busy and fun. This coming weekend will be even more so, but I wanted to post pictures now before there got to be too many.

Here's how our weekend started. Pretty deceptive for what was to come. Caleb is officially transitioning out of naps during the day. If I put him down for a nap, it will take him over an hour to get to sleep and then it takes 3 hours to get him to sleep at night. I think it is probably time. However, this happens from time to time where he just gets so tired and just falls asleep.

On Friday, we went to Allen, a neighboring city, to have lunch with the Easter Bunny. Caleb talked about it for weeks and was so excited. Here's the calm...

and here's the storm. He was petrified of the Easter Bunny and is still talking about how he/she scared him.

Saturday, my friend Lisa had her big Easter Egg hunt at her house. Caleb had the best time hunting eggs and we got so much candy I don't think we will ever get it all eaten.

Here's Caleb hunting eggs. That basket was getting pretty full, but he just kept on going.

Caleb and Kathryn. Caleb loves Kathryn and the feeling is mutual. This was a moment of sharing that I had to share. These two are so sweet together.
I thought this might make a cute picture, but instead I got Caleb in mid-sneeze. Caleb is just like his dad in that whenever they get into direct sunlight they both sneeze.

Here's Lisa covering Caleb's eyes to play pin the tail on the bunny. He got so dizzy after the spin around that I had to guide him to the poster to stick his tail on. It was pretty funny!

Of course the trampoline was a huge hit and Caleb kept saying his was bouncing even though he was rarely on his own two feet.

Caleb playing ring toss. He still just walks right up to the apparatus and puts the rings right on. I guess we should work on that!

Saturday night, we drove to Mesquite for my niece Madison's birthday party. My sister-in-law's mom just opened an indoor bounce house party place and that is where the party was held. These businesses are huge in our part of town so we know that she'll be very successful!
Jes and Caleb were playing air hockey. Everytime Jes got the puck into his goal, Caleb got so excited because he thought he scored! Very cute!

Caleb going down the slide. He loves these things but they make his mama nervous because I can't crawl in after him anymore to get him if he gets stuck (which has happened before).

There was also a Wii at the party and Caleb had the best time with this. The players thought he was quite cute and gave him something that looked like a controller to play with and he thought he was really playing.

Sunday was Easter, of course, so we had the Easter basket opening, like every year. Here's Caleb's favorite part of his basket, a little ball that the Easter Bunny found at Target. He is still carrying it around today and nearly took it to bed with him last night.

This was the last picture I got before my camera battery died. Here's the basket with lots of toys and candy. All in all, it was a good weekend but just a preparation for what is to come this weekend.

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