Thursday, April 03, 2008

Flexibilty is the Name of the Game

I had so many things planned for today. I will venture to say that at least 85% of them will not get accomplished. Caleb started coughing a few days ago when the winds picked up and the pollen started flying. Today, my mommy instinct told me that he needed to stay home from school. Well, that and the fact that neither him nor I got a full straight hour of sleep last night. It's going to be a fun day!
By the way, one of the things I was planning on doing today was uploading all the pictures from our weekend, including Caleb's birthday party. I don't think that will happen on top of all the grading I have to do and the cleaning that needs to get done as well. It's all about being flexible, right?


Mommy of Multiples...Lizzy D. said...

Girl, you should have just called us this morning. We would have gotton Logan off to school. But, THANK YOU, for being such a sweet friend and taking him. Hope you both can get some rest tonight, and Caleb does better this weekend. I'm sure It does not help the weather keeps going back and forth. Have a good night!

Mathis Family said...

I didn't mind taking Logan this morning. It gave us an excuse to get up and get dressed and get out the door. The days that we haven't seen Logan, Caleb asks for him all day, so it was good for them to see each other!