Monday, April 14, 2008

Dermatologist Appointment

Well, it is the time to make the rounds with our doctor's around the Mathis household. Today, we added a new on the the list, Dr. Kerry Carder. She is now on our list, and in my cell phone, as Caleb's pediatric dermatologist.
We were sent to see a dermatologist because Caleb has a red spot on the front of his left shin that has been there for quite some time. Family, friends, and strangers have commented ad nauseum about it and the pediatrician thought it might be scar tissue from a scrape that Caleb got when I pulled him out of his stroller too fast when he was just 3 months old. Today, we found out that it is actually a mastocytoma. Basically, it developed before he was born and is made up of a large amount of mast cells, the cells in our body that trigger the allergic reaction and release of histamine (the chemical that causes all those nasty allergic symptoms). She told us that that is why it is itchy to him, especially when he has been running around and is hot or very active. We will just treat it with Benadryl and it should fade and be almost completely gone by the time or shortly after he hits the dreaded teenage years.
It all makes sense, and give my mommy guilt a little rest to know that I didn't break our child!

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