Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sharkarosa and a Cabinet

Last Sunday our church had their annual "thank you to the children's workers/volunteers" dinner. The church has had this at various places, but this year (and last, but we didn't get to go last year) we went to the Sharkarosa Ranch in Pilot Point, just northwest of McKinney. We were able to check out the website of the ranch the week before and Caleb started talking non-stop about the camels that they had there.

I liked this picture of Jes and Caleb. We were waiting for the safari ride to go see the camels and all the other exotic animals that they had on the ranch.

Here's a couple of the camels. The ride we took had places to put feed buckets on the side of the vehicle, so the animals came right up to us to feed. It was little close for me, but Caleb and all the other kids on the ride thought it was just great!

Caleb watching for more camels. He was just thrilled with each and everyone of the camels, as well as the other animals.

I had to have a picture of this camel, named Goliath. He was the grossest camel I have ever seen. He slobbered everywhere and the tour guide told us that he loves to pee on his tail and then flick it at everyone. Needless to say, we moved Caleb away from the side when Goliath came near.

Today, Jes finally got this cabinet hung in our dining room. We have had this cabinet for around 3 or 3.5 years in our garage. My dad gave this to us for our house that long ago, but we couldn't just hang it because it needed to be refinished. It is a very old shelf that was built for my dad's mom by one of his brothers who is now deceased. It is quite old and didn't match anything, but now it's on my wall and I am SO excited to finally have it to put things in!

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