Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're Still Here

I know I haven't posted in a week or so, but we've been so busy here at Casa de Mathis that I just haven't had a chance to compose my thoughts and make out something that is somewhat coherent. So here it is, in bulleted form, the things that have been going on 'round here:
  • We FINALLY moved Caleb into his new room. He loves it and talks about his new, big boy room constantly. Unfortunately, all that is in his room is his furniture and his toys as it is taking slightly longer to get the closet cleaned out than we thought. Pictures will come when we are finished.
  • My parent's anniversary was Monday. They have been married 27 years and are still going strong. I was going to write a sappy post about them, but of course I didn't and it's too late now. Love ya anyway Mama and Daddy!
  • My feet continue to swell a little more everyday, despite following the doctor's orders. I elevate, elevate, elevate and they swell, swell swell. Last night when I returned home from work, Jes had to help me pull my shoe off one of my feet because I couldn't get it off without bending over (something I try to avoid at all costs these days). I guess it could be worse, I can still see my ankles...
  • I only have 9 weeks left of this pregnancy and I have to say I am SO over it. I'm ready to be done, have my kids and get on with my life and not have to do this again. Hm, feels good to get that out.
  • Next week we start finals week at the college, so I will be MIA for quite sometime. I am up to my eyeballs in grading right now, as I always am this time in the semester, but I am just looking forward to having some time off. I'm not looking forward to the missed pay this summer, but to not have to drag myself off to work every evening will be nice for a little while.
  • We had some heavy rain last night and Logan discovered that there was a leak in my car this morning. For some reason the rear passenger floor board is all wet. I'm off to mop up water. When it rains, it pours. Ha ha.

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Amy said...

I totally hear you with the "ready to be done" part. I told my doctor I wanted an induction scheduled for the earliest possible date.
I'm battling the swollen feet too. They do ok if I drink enough water but "Enough" is a lot more water than I typically drink, and I already have to pee too frequently.