Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Now What?

Monday night I started getting phone messages from my friend Rae. We have known each other since our family started going to the North Campus of our church and her husband has been our fabulous music minister. We have been in the same small group, shared our families with each other, expressed fears, excitement, etc. I even sat with Rae the day that she was first able to see her third child in the NICU, while she cried and drilled me with questions, knowing we had been there before.
When I finally got back to Rae after class Monday night she informed me that our head minister (not our pastor) let Randy go suddenly after helping to establish this important campus at our church. When asked the reason, Randy was told that he had done nothing wrong, just that he didn't share the same vague philosophy as our minister, whatever that means. They gave him little severance and told him that this coming Sunday would be his last.
I have to say that I am more than a little disturbed at this turn of events. Many of you know my family's personal history of employment within the church and I am, and will always be, pretty untrusting of those who hire/fire, due to this history. I just can't help but somewhat understand the feelings of hurt, embarrasment, disallusionment, and betrayal by the very church that should protect their families from that.
So, now I ask now what? What do I say to these dear people who have 3 children, all 5 and under who have no income to their names? How do I, a church member, not dredge up all those feelings from the past that I have worked so hard to get past? I fear that we will lose people from our campus over this, now that the word it out. I have already started getting emails about sending a letter or email to our minister and our pastor regarding this. Maybe I'm taking this too much to heart, but I still can't help but ask, now what?

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