Tuesday, April 15, 2008

28 Week Visit

I just got home from my 28 week visit with my ob. All is well with baby and her heart rate was 140, or as best as he could tell. She's one active child. I guess that means she won't have any trouble keeping up with her brother!
Dr. Robins was a little concerned about my weight gain, just 7 pounds this past month, but he feels like it should be slowing down, not increasing. I guess he forgot how sick I was until about 3 months ago. He thinks a lot of it has to do with water retention and swelling, which I have noticed in my feet especially. My feet and legs never swelled with Caleb, so even though it's not too bad compared to some, I have really noticed the change lately. He told me to put my feet up and stay out of the heat. I don't really know how he expects me to do that with an active 3 year old who would rather be outside than anywhere else! About 10 more weeks of this and we'll get to meet our little Piper!

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