Friday, April 11, 2008

Pulmonologist Appointment

We just got home from seeing Caleb's pulmonologist for his regular check (this would usually take me 3 days or better to post but he fell asleep in the car and is now napping in his bed!!!). He was on his best behavior and was especially entertained by the respiratory therapist who took all his preliminary information. They were very concerned about his hospitalization back in November, during Thanksgiving, but felt that ultimately the fact that he ended up with pneumonia, the flu and adenovirus all at the same time was just a stroke of bad luck on our part. I'm not so sure what it was, but I do know we don't want to repeat that again any time soon.
We are going to start Caleb on another allergy medication to get him through the spring because what he is taking just doesn't seem to cut it for him. It's one of those meds that are now over the counter, so it won't be too much of a let down if it doesn't work. We'll just try and see what happens. We also have to restart one inhaler that he was supposed to be on since we were last there. I did start that inhaler last time, but shortly thereafter Caleb had his flu/pneumonia/adenovirus hospital stay and was on so many things that I just plain forgot to start it again and just never have since. All in all, it was a great visit and the doctor was very please with where his is. Oh yea, and he now weighs 38 3/4 pounds.
We go back to the pulmonologist in August, just 4 months away because the doctor wanted to see him before fall hits. When we made the appointment they asked what day and what time of day. I'll be off all summer, but I had to think about what time of day and actually said to myself that I would have Caleb and an infant with me. Weird to think about...

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