Monday, April 07, 2008

Caleb's Birthday Weekend

Ok, I'm a whole week behind, but I literally just found time to go through the millions of pictures I took to find a few good ones.

This motorcycle was our gift to Caleb for his birthday. He was so excited because it is blue like Jes's and he can ride it outside.

Caleb's birthday party was a Bob the Builder theme. He still loves Bob and my mom and dad got this really cute cake complete with tool candles!

We had Caleb's birthday party at The Little Gym. I had planned on having it here but we attended a party for another friend of ours late last year and it just was apparently clear that Caleb loved this place!

We sang some songs with the staff and they made such a big deal about Caleb's birthday. When they sang Happy Birthday to Caleb, I cried. Blame it on pregnancy hormones...

The kiddos got to run around for a bit and just bounce off the walls in between activities.

The parachute has to be the all around favorite for the kids at these parties. I have even considered getting one of these for our own personal play, but it's not quite as much fun without all the friends around it to laugh with!

Since Caleb was the birthday boy, they let him sit in the center while we played with the parachute and sang Happy Birthday again. As you can see, Caleb was having a blast!

This was probably the most hilarious part of the whole party. Everytime Caleb sees anything on fire, candles, etc, he tries to blow it out. We lit the candles and put the cake in front of him and he had the candles blown out before we even got to get everyone's attention to sing Happy Birthday. I think we had to re-light the candles 3 times before he got them blown out at the "right" time. We were all just laughing at the whole thing!

The cake was really yummy and everyone loved it! This was the best birthday party Caleb has ever had and it was made better by having all of his friends there!

Sunday, Jes and I went to Grapevine with the Chadwick family to see Thomas the Train. KJ Chadwick is Caleb's best friend and he is still talking about going to see Thomas with him!

The Chadwick family. Quite a good looking group, huh? KJ's mommy, Courtney, is having a baby too, not long after our Piper will be born. It's really great that our boys can go through these major life events together!

The boys rode in these cars that were powered by them turning the handles in front of them. They had so much fun and they both just laughed and laughed as they went around and around.

It got pretty hot and the boys were running around like a pair of crazies so we took a break for lemonade.

The best part was the train ride. Caleb still talks about riding Thomas. I have a serious dislike for trains, but I bit the bullet and hopped on and rode with everyone else. I have to admit, it was nice to sit for a few minutes and enjoy the breeze.

We finished up the weekend by Caleb discovering a love for washing dishes. He just takes his stool from the bathroom and brings it into the kitchen, I give him my dish brush, put a little soap and water in the dish and away he goes. I wonder how long I can exploit this and get him to wash my dishes for me...

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