Tuesday, July 22, 2008

He Loves Her

Sunday morning Jes had to go into work for a little while, so I was left to get Caleb and Piper up and ready and out the door to get to church. We were doing great on time (that tends to happen when you're up at 6am feeding the baby and the 3 year old decides it's time to get up and you cannot wrestle him, the baby and the pump all at the same time) and were almost ready to get out the door. The last thing to do was for me to dry my hair, so I put Piper in her sleep positioner in the middle of our bed and Caleb was watching a cartoon in the living room. I assumed that all would be ok for the 3 minutes that I planned on spending on my hair. You know what they say about those who assume. I finished my quick blow dry and came around the corner and looked first to the middle of the bed to see how P was and she was gone! A quick scan of the bed revealed Caleb standing on the edge and Piper near him. Caleb had picked Piper up and moved her out of her sleep positioner to the place on the bed that she was. Let me just say it scared me to death and now he is not allowed to be anywhere near where he can move her without us around.
And now, pictures...

Piper has been able to hold her head up since birth, something that I was quite shocked to discover when they handed her to me for the first time. Here she is in action.

You can really see the lack of hair in this picture. Compared to her brother at this age, she's practically bald. Thank goodness they make headbands!

I love her expression in this picture. This is her favorite position, being held by either Jes or I. She is such a lovey baby and would be held all day and night long if it were possible, or up to her.

This last picture is Piper in her swing. Let me just say that she hates this thing. Caleb had an intense love affair with his swing and used it so much that he actually wore out the motor, but this little girl of ours would rather be held than get anywhere near this contraption. I have started instituting swing time everyday so that she might grow to like it somewhat.

The weight check today went well too. She is now 9 pounds 8.5 ounces. Couldn't tell by looking at her though.


Amy said...

I think Piper is such a cute name. And cute baby too :)
Koren has a love-hate relationship with the swing. We have to put him in it for him to sleep at night, but he HATES it during the day.

Midwest Mommy said...

I can totally feel for you with the older sibling moving the new baby. My little girl was always wanting to try and pick up my son. It was like she thought she could play with him like she played with her dolls. I definitely have to keep my eye on them too and can't turn my back for a second.