Friday, July 11, 2008

Our First Week

This past week has been quite a whirlwind. Even though we were discharged from the hospital on Friday, we had to go back on Saturday to have Piper's bilirubin level checked to see where her jaundice was. Her level came back at 10.9, which is slightly higher than when we were discharged, but since she was a whole day older she was still low risk for problems. More good news was that her weight was up to 8lbs 3oz, which was up from 8lbs even on Friday. She went as low at 7lbs 15oz, so we were glad to have her back up in the 8 pound range. We made a stop at the grocery store too, which ended up being a little too much activity for me, so when we returned home, I collapsed on the couch for a bit.
After church on Sunday, my mom, dad and grandmother came out to our house so that my grandmother could meet Piper. As visits go, it was a good one. My dad and grandmother headed back to Garland and my mom stayed at our house. We were very lucky to have her with us all this week.
On Monday, Piper had her first pediatrician appointment where we found that her weight was up even more to 8lbs 5oz and her bilirubin came back at 4.3! We were so excited to see her on the upward swing. After lunch and another run to WalMart, my mom and I returned home where I collapsed again. For the past few days I had been having some upper GI pain that I could only attribute to the pain meds I had been taking. I stopped everything on Monday and the issue has since resolved, thank goodness!
Tuesday and Wednesday, my mom and I were able to entertain ourselves with a few errands and lunch out. Not to mention all the feeds and pumping that goes on throughout the day.
Thursday, my mom and I took Caleb to a portrait studio to get his 3 year pictures made. Yes, I know it is July and his birthday is in March, but I didn't get his 2 year pictures done until this time last year, so I figured that they would be even. We were able to sneak Piper into a few pictures as well and we got a few really great pictures of the two of them.
My mom left to go home last night, so we've been on our own all day and things seem to be going well. I'm not quite as nervous and stressed out with Piper like I was with Caleb when he was a baby, so that helps things go a little more smooth during the day. However, I am really looking forward to the fact that this is the weekend and Jes will be home to help with the night feeds so I might get a little more rest at night.

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