Monday, July 14, 2008

My Appointment

I went for my 2 week post op appointment today with my ob/gyn. Today I was released to drive, thank goodness, and had my steri strips removed. Hallelujah! When I am pregnant, I develop some sort of extreme sensitivity to adhesive. Therefore, any type of tape or band aid just sends me over the edge, itching and hurting all at the same time. I've been walking around for over a week like this, trying not to claw too much at my incision. Fun times!
The best part of my appointment was the weigh in. Strange to say because this has been the most dreaded part of every appointment, especially lately. So here's the verdict. In 2 weeks, I have lost 30 pounds! My doctor actually said it was impressive. I was pretty happy too, but I still have some work to do. Fun.


The Wood Family said...

you'll get there...glad you're returning back to normal :)

melissa. said...

30 lbs! you go girl! :)