Monday, July 28, 2008

7 Years

Today is Jes and my anniversary. We've been married 7 years, so in honor of this day, here are 7 things you may or may not know about us.

1: Jes and I met on a bus going to Mississippi for a mission trip with our college group from Macedonia Baptist Church in Longview, Texas. Someone took his seat on the bus and he ended up sitting across the aisle from me and that's all she wrote. We were together from that time on.

2: Jes had never seen a real armadillo until he met me. We were hanging out at the lake one evening and he saw it walking around and about came out of his skin until I saw what it was. Needless to say, there was much laughter on my part that an armadillo scared him!

3: After our wedding, we had made our exit and were on our way to the hotel (which was quite a long way from the church because we wanted to stay in a hotel near the airport since we had a really early flight) and I FREAKED OUT over not having the marriage license. For some reason I was convinced that we needed it to get into our hotel when we got to our honeymoon destination and I hadn't even seen it that day at all. Part of this came from the fact that we got it on June 29th, we got married on July 28th and back then marriage licenses had to be signed by one month after the day they were issued or they expired. Hence the freaking out. Just imagine a very skinny me running down a hill, covered in metalic confetti (from our car decorations) yelling at the top of my lungs for my mom. Our guests weren't even all gone yet. Sigh...

4: We went to Puerto Vallarta for our honeymoon and would go back in a heartbeat! It was the best vacation we have ever been on and we've been planning our return since we got back. The trip, however, was almost a no go though. The morning we were the leave, we arrived at the airport bright and early (!) and went to the airline's counter to check in. Come to find out, they had moved our flight up 2 hours earlier and had not told us as they should, so we had missed it. We had purchased one of those all inclusive deals and had no back up to get to Mexico. We stood at that counter in tears mentally calculating where the little bit of money we had would get us so we could at least have some sort of a honeymoon. The airline people were able to get us on another flight (that took off from the opposite side of the airport, DFW people, in just minutes). It was like the movies, we took off running and made it just in time and got to Mexico earlier than we had planned with the other flight due to elimination of layovers!

5: We lived in Tyler our first year of marriage because I was still in graduate school. The next year, we moved to Dallas and then on to McKinney. We have lived in McKinney for 4 years now and have a little house on the west side of town that we love. When we were looking for houses, we didn't even consider anything bigger than what we have so that we would have to interact with each other as a family. My biggest fear is to have a large house and not know what my kids are doing upstairs or to not have interactions daily with the whole family.

6: Jes and I are so opposite in our interests, but somehow we have managed to each learn to (maybe) somewhat enjoy those other interests. Jes loves basketball, motorcycles and all things mechanical. I have learned to either tolerate (the endless motorcycle races on TV this time of year) or actually learn things to enjoy (mechanical stuff) some of these things. Jes has done the same. It also helps that he grew up with 2 younger sisters and was drug to places like the mall constantly. He's a great shopping partner too and is one of the only people I will go shopping with anymore.

7: We love being parents, even on those days when we are exhausted or they are running us ragged. It has been particularly interesting watching the interaction between Jes and Caleb. There is a certain connection that dads have with their sons that is totally different from the mom/son connection. There are moments when I am certain that Jes and Caleb will just kill each other due to the battle of wills that is constantly going on in our house, but those moments when they are playing together or just hanging out watching TV peacefully will melt a mommy's heart.


Amy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Orlinda said...

Congratulations!! . . . and thanks for sharing those "little known things". What fun to read them. :0)

The Wood Family said...

I have no idea! That's the scary part, maybe from Tiny Tim, but he always washes his hands after we handle him. I'm just going to have to be extra diligent!

-melissa. said...

i love this!
thanks for sharing. :)
happy anniversary!