Friday, August 01, 2008

Month One

Piper is officially one month old now. This past month has been filled with lots of fun and exciting things for Piper. She has been able to hold her head up on her own since birth, but is now getting pretty good control of both it and her upper trunk. She has smiled at me a few times and is pretty happy most of the time, as long as she's not hungry. Piper has also laid claim to her Daddy and is the most serious of all the Daddy's girls that I have seen. She is also very enamoured by her brother, who never loses and occasion to kiss, hug or tell her he loves her.
Health-wise, Piper is just as normal as can be. She is eating every 3 hours and sleeping well at night. She has more awake time during the day and is quite happy to either have tummy time or just watch Caleb and I do what we do during the day. Piper also loves to go and do things with the rest of us and has been out and about since the day after she and I left the hospital.
We think that Piper might have an umbilical hernia and she is starting to show signs of a little reflux, but we've been down that road before and are confident that we can deal with it. We have seen the ENT as well and her tongue, while it looks a little tight, she isn't tongue tied and doesn't need to have anything done about it yet.
We are very blessed to have Piper in our lives and family and are having the best time with her!

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