Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just Some Random Pictures and Equally Random Commentary

I suppose I could blame my lack of posting lately on the very busy 3 year old and 6 week old I spend my days and nights with, but really it's just been that I don't really have anything super interesting to write about. I mean come on, who wants to hear abou all the pull-up/diaper changing, time out placing, pumping, feeding, burping, etc that I do all day long? I guess the most exciting thing to happen around here is my appointment as creative actvities director for our MOPS (mothers or preschoolers) group.
A week and a half ago.
When all the others got the job in May.
With a budget I have to stick to.
And nothing was planned.
Did I mention the meeting I have Wedneday night where I have to present the whole years worth of activities/crafts?
Do you think I've been busy?
Oh yeah, and I go back to work in 8 days where I have to educate our future healthcare professionals. So, in honor of my lack of something to talk about, here are the pictures I took over the last few days.

Piper LOVES her tummy. I usually let her nap this way if I can sit by her and keep an eye on her. This is totally new for us because Caleb couldn't stay in this position for more than 30 seconds withou being in tons of pain from his severe reflux.

A daily occurance for Piper. She loves going out and doing things, but if you put her in her carseat and don't start moving right away she starts squawking. I guess she thinks we'll forget her.

Piper and myself with Dr. Robins, my fabulous ob/gyn.

I'm not the only one who is tired around here. He literally was asking for a sucker as he climbed in the chair and laid down like this. He slept this way for over an hour and then I had to unfold him.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,

It's Jen Easley. I've enjoyed visiting your blog every now and then to catch up.

If you're looking for a Sept. project, a couple of MOPS groups around here are doing one for my South Africa mission trip. We are making fleece goodies like scarves, ear/neck warmers and such. I can give you more info if you want to shoot me an email at

Just an idea to help you with your craft planning dilemma! ;)