Friday, August 08, 2008

Pulmonologist Appointment

Today, I took both kiddos to the pulmonologist, Caleb for his 4-6 month check up and Piper to be seen to squash my mommy anxieties. With all the trouble we have had with Caleb, I wanted to make sure that she is indeed as healthy as we have been told she is. So I took her right to the source, the specialist.
Based on what I told our pulmonologist, it is pretty apparent that Piper is refluxing somewhat. Not a surprise, really. However, our doctor is not one to jump right to meds if there is another way to fix or treat the problem without them. So, we are going to start thickening Piper's feeds. If you remember, we had to do this for Caleb until he was 2 for his aspiration issues, so we're pros at how to use the stuff and will be starting the thickening agent with the next feed. Hopefully, this will help with the issue and we won't have to start on the medication quite yet.
Piper was also weighed and had her length measured at this appointment and is coming in at 11lbs 6oz and 22 inches.
Caleb is well, according to the doctor, and we go back in December to see the doctor again.

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