Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No Poop Equals No Go

On Friday I posted that we were going to start thickening Piper's feeds with Simply Thick to help counteract possible reflux. We started with the first feed after we arrived home from the doctor on Friday afternoon and continued through Saturday morning. Sometime around 9am I realized that Piper had not pooped since Friday, around noon. This is distressing for a 6 week old who is being breast fed and is used to doing her business before and after each feed. We stopped the Simply Thick Saturday morning and waited to see what happened. It took until later Sunday afternoon before things were moving again. Needless to say, we had a very unhappy baby this past weekend and a very tired Mommy and Daddy (especially Daddy since he has weekend duty!). We're going to wait on the meds right now as Piper doesn't seem to be in any real distress and I'll mention this whole thing at her 2 month appointment.

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Amy said...

When we switched Koren to soy formula, he went from pooping several times a day to no poop for three days. We had a little bit of rocky territory while we were waiting on that first poop, but now his body seems to have learned how to process it and he's much more regular (and comfortable!).