Friday, July 04, 2008

She's Here!

Sorry for the lack of updates/pictures. I thought that I would have our computer at the hospital with me, but when it came to whether I wanted to keep it or not on Monday, I couldn't have cared less if I had it or not. So, home it went. Here are the pictures I promised. I have some from the actual surgery too, but I didn't want to gross you out and, as Jes put it, we don't want to be showing her "girl parts" to all of the web.

Here's Piper Dorene Mathis. She was born at 12:46pm, weighed 8lbs 12.5oz and was20.5in long. She screamed and hollered like nothing else, that was great to hear, and would then prmptly hold her breath for what seemed like an eternity, not so great. She transitioned out of the holding of her breath thing and is breathing just fine now.

My first time seeing Piper. The nurse put her right in my face, and being the old woman I am, I had to scoot my head back to actually see her. Sigh, I guess it's time for glasses!

Our first picture of the 3 of us. I know look drunk, but no, I wasn't so lucky. I was shaking so bad at this point from the anesthesia and my teeth were chattering so much that this was the best smile I could form. Notice who Jes is looking at here. That hasn't changed. He is so in love, its so cute to watch. He even teared up one day when visiting because we had to send P back to the nursery for more time under the lights for her jaundice. So sweet!

Caleb meeting Piper for the firt time with Mommaw. He wasn't too sure what to think then, but now he is just fascinated.

Piper just hanging around. She looks so much like I did as a baby. Scary...

Just chillin with Mama.

Jes feeding Piper for the first time. It took a few days to get my milk to come in, but as soon as it did (and boy did it. They said I set some kind of record for most milk. Moo anyone?), I pumped to relieve the pressure and so Jes could feed her too.

P hanging out in the bassinet. That hand is always out and by her face, even in all the sonogram pictures!

Loving her paci already!

This was one of the pictures taken by the hospital photographer. We found out that she loves her tummy, so we were able to get a series of pictures like this. She just looks so content here.

Here's Caleb holding Piper for the first time. He had be asking to hold her for a few days, but this was the first that we were able to let him. He is so infatuated by his little sister and will check on her every few minutes and rub her head. He also loves to help do anything that involves taking care of her, especially feeding her. Lots of times that Jes is feeding her, Caleb will ask to help so Jes will let him "help" him hold the bottle. He has at times shown a little jealousy over all the attention she is getting, but we are being very careful to give him just as much.

Caleb in his big brother shirt. He loves this shirt and will tell you that he's the best big brother ever and we have to agree!

Waiting to go home. That blanket, by the way, was made by my cousin, Ashley. I posted a few weeks back about her business where she makes products like this. Everything that she has made for me is totally amazing and beautiful! Just perfect for our little angel.

Going to the car. We were so excited to get out of the hospital, especially since we had to stay an extra day as Piper needed some time under the lights to help her get rid of her jaundice. We left the hospital on Friday around noon and headed for home. It was such a relief to pull into the garage and walk into the house!
By the way, please excuse any misspellings or space issues in this post. I'm too tired to proof right now and I did a majority of the typing one-handed while pumping.


Coby and Sally said...

Congratulations!! SHe is beautiful! We are so happy for your family!

The Wood Family said...

I haven't talked to you in a couple of days...hope you're doing good.


-melissa. said...

seriously - you have to blow up that pic of jes feeding her with his legs propped up. that is too cute! And Caleb looks soooo big in his big boy shirt!
Shannon - I am so happy for you. And sooo thankful there were no real complications that needed to involve ICU and what not. :)
Can't wait to hold her!

Joy said...

Hi all!
She is so cute! And caleb is getting so big. I am sorry I haven't writen lately things have been so crazy. I am glad things are going well for you all. Take care and we will hopefully see you around christmas. We will be up there hopefully the day after christmas but I am not for sure yet. If I get my way it will go that way. Let me know when you know! Take care Joy

Amy said...

Beautiful baby! Congrats!