Monday, June 30, 2008

Today is the Day!!!

I can hardly wait. I'm still not nervous yet, just ready for all the signs and symptoms of late pregnancy to go away. The hardest part is that I am having to abstain from food (not a problem, really) and drink until after the procedure is done. If you know me at all, you know that I am rarely seen without sometype of fluid with me, be it water or Gatorade or something. I am sitting here watching the news and I guess I never noticed all the commercials for drinks before. I'm actually kind of looking forward to that IV, just to get some fluids!
Thanks to all of you who are praying for us. Please keep the Dixon family, specifically their youngest son Hudson, in your prayers today too. He is having surgery this morning (or may have already at this hour) that could potentially be a hard recovery. He's 3 and blonde and precious and our family has fallen in love with his smile and amazing outlook on life.
Stay tuned and we'll post some pictures when we can get some time to get to the computer. It's coming with us to the hospital, but you guys that have had kids know that even though it might be right next to you, it doesn't guarantee that you'll even be able to look at it!


The White Family said...

Good luck Mathis Family. You are definitely in my prayers today! Happy Birthday Piper!

Anonymous said...

Thank's yall!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIPER!! Congratulations!! :)

Amy said...

Best of wishes for a safe and easy delivery!!! Looking forward to the pictures!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh Shannon - she is beautiful!
many, many hugs,

Christa said...

Please e-mail me and let me know how things went...From what I see on the coments above everything went well....I am so happy for you! NOW it is my turn right??? LOL I have 18 more days till schedule C-section date....Pray it comes sooner rather than later...Can't wait to see pics of Piper and Caleb =) Love ya