Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All Clear

Yesterday, I took Caleb back to the ENT for his post-surgery check up. The doctor looked him over, gave him the exam and said that everything looked great.
The doctor had given us a new medication (nose spray) to give him in addition to his other meds to try to reduce the swelling in his nasal passageways due to swelling. We have just now been able to start this medication, even though we got the prescription the day of his surgery, because he has just started to tolerate the other nose spray he gets too.
Anyway, the long and short of it is that the ENT felt like he might still snore and have issues at night due to the swelling, but he hasn't and his allergies seem to be under control more now than ever. Could be the medication or the fact that we haven't been out much. Either way, we're not complaining!


The Wood Family said...

I remember when your babystrology said "128 days" Now it's 28! Times approaching fast.

Mommy of Multiples...Lizzy D. said...

yeah! Glad Caleb got a good report.