Tuesday, June 17, 2008


There are lots of things going on around the Mathis homefront.

This past Saturday, my mom and dad made the trek out to our house here in McKinney, or Oklahoma as they call it, to help us get things ready for Piper. Jes and my dad hung a new ceiling fan, put another rod up in the closet for all her clothes, put together the crib, chased Caleb around (he had some sort of a 24 hour GI bug and couldn't go with us), and did numerous other things around here that only the guys can do. My mom and I did a bunch of cleaning and picking up (something I haven't been able to do well lately), made a Target run, hung up so many clothes, and all the things that we normally do.

Sunday, we decided to go to Garland to be with my dad and grandfather for Father's Day. We left in plenty of time to get to their church, however there were many events that prevented that from occurring. We walked in the door of the church 10 minutes before the service was over. We had to laugh to not cry... It was just one of those mornings. We had a yummy lunch at my parent's house afterward where the boys were all able to grab a couple hour nap while us girls sat around talking, drinking coffee and eating brownies.

We are still working on the potty training with Caleb. He's doing pretty well as long as there is not a bunch of commotion or things going on in the house. That means he had more accidents than normal this weekend. He is very good at pooping in the potty and has not had an accident in that area, but the peeing is what he seems to forget about sometimes.

Last night, Jes came home from work talking about a business that we could start. We are looking into it and are going to get it set up to start working. It's in the aviation business, of course, but I can do a majority of the work (after I learn the lingo, abbreviations, and such) from home on our computer. We're pretty excited about the idea, so hopefully it all works as we have planned! We have lots of work to do to get things started, but with Jes's connections in the DFW area, we have lots of tricks up our sleeves.


Anonymous said...

OOOh, really? Sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. I can't wait to hear more about it. Good luck!

To this day we have to "remind" Logan to go potty every once in a while, when a lot is going on...He will be so wrapped up in all going on and not go. He will say he does not need to go, but soon as he gets to the potty he goes.

Mathis Family said...

That makes me feel better. Maybe there's hope for our boy :)

The White Family said...

Hey Shannon,

This is Leslie White from one of your Fall 2007 A&PI classes. I've been checking on your blog and am so excited for you and your family with the soon arrival of Piper. Here is the link to my blog http://thewhitethree.blogspot.com/
Good luck with the new baby!