Sunday, June 29, 2008

Conversations With Caleb

This was the conversation I heard this morning between Jes and Caleb while we were walking across the parking lot into church:

Caleb: We go to church!
Jes: Caleb, you have to hold my hand when we are in the parking lot.
Caleb: Why?
Jes: There are cars that will run you over.
Caleb: No Daddy, cars don't run, they drive!

It was all I could do to stop laughing after that exchange! Sometimes Caleb surprises me at how mature and grown up he is.

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome! So smart. I love those kind of conversations.

We are thinking of you guys over here, and are praying for a safe delivery and a happy and healthy mommy, Piper, and daddy. :) Can't wait to meet Piper!!