Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Caleb's Newest Trick

I have been noticing lately that when Caleb has a piece of paper or something else that has letters or numbers on it, he will trace them with his fingers. This has led me to start printing workpages off the internet (from some of my favorite homeschool sites) where he can trace the letters.
A few days ago, Jes and I were at the grocery store doing our monthly major shopping and Caleb was getting restless. I happen to have a spiral notebook and a pen with me, so I gave it to him so he could draw. He kept asking me to draw letters for him and then he would trace them with the pen. Eventually, he stopped asking me to do anything, took the pen and started writing the letters himself. Granted, what he was writing didn't look totally like what I had been writing, but he was getting the basic shapes down and was doing really well.
We will keep working with him on this and maybe he'll be able to read (he started this a long time ago) AND write before the end of summer!


Mommy of Multiples...Lizzy D. said...

Way to go Caleb! That's awesome! He will be a pro in no time.

Christa Connor said...


Hey....wow...MONDAY...I am so excited for you...I have 3 more weeks to go until my scheduled C-Section....I also keep HOPING Laura Beth will start the process sooner but who knows. =)

Thought I would also mention the Handwriting Without Tears Program to you....I have gone to the trainings and all but it is really easy to learn. You can go on their website and buy books and teacher's manuals and stuff. It is a wonderful program for a beginner like Caleb...well good luck on MOnday. TTYL