Friday, June 20, 2008

37 Week Visit

I tried to post this yesterday but Blogger decided to eat it right up.

Anywho, yesterday was my 37 week visit to my dear ol' ob. Not a whole lot to report here, just a heartbeat check (found in record time) and discussion of the next visit. My 38 week visit will be my last before Piper comes. Gulp. I'm not nervous about the surgery, at least not yet. That will probably come the day of. However, I am nervous about the idea of having a 3 year old and a newborn all by myself and how I'm going to respond to the lack of sleep. I'm older this time around and while I am a little more conditioned to not sleeping, I still have attitude issues when I'm overly tired (note: I am 9.5 months pregnant, so I'm always tired right now!)

Things will be a little different this time around (hopefully) than they were with Caleb. Since Caleb was in the NICU even after I had left the hospital, my mom and Jes had taken as much time off as they could to shuttle me back and forth between home and the hospital. That meant that the day we got home and one other day, for Caleb's pediatrician visit, were the only days that I had someone here to help me. This time around, Jes is taking off the whole week I'm in the hospital and my mom will be here the whole week after that. Yea!

Next visit, I will fill out paperwork and get the particulars on the surgery, when I have to be there, etc. The very next day, Friday, I have to go back to the hospital to fill out more paperwork and give lots of blood. I will have to have more blood work done the day of because of the neurocardiogenic syncope syndrome, but I guess I just have to follow protocol.

Well, Caleb and I are off the Sam's and the later today I'm going to get a pedicure where they will hopefully find that pressure point to get things going. I'm going to be doing everything in my power to get this labor thing started, short of castor oil. Who would one do that to themselves anyway? I guess I'm just not quite desperate enough for that one! Well, not yet at least!

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Mommy of Multiples...Lizzy D. said...

You are soooo close! I can't believe ya'll are about to have your second child. So fun! Good luck with pushing the labor along. My mother in law, tried to "help" me do that, and had me walk several miles with her and my father in law. All it got me was a bunch of blisters on my feet and even more exausted. I was feeling awful almost the whole time but kept pushing myself cause i did not want to look like a wimp. I swore... "next time" I'd just be a wimp. Haha! Thankfully, next time never happened. But I should have tried eating mexican food. That would have been a lot easier.

Glad things are looking good right now. You can do it!